Pechenga Bay

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View from Liinakhamari to Pechenga.JPG

Pechenga Bay (Russian: Печенгская губа; also Petsamo Fjord and Pechenga Fjord) is a fjord-like bay of the Barents Sea on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk Oblast, Russia, about 25 km east from the border with Norway. It has rocky shores and stretches inland for 17 km. The Pechenga River discharges into the bay. The settlements of Pechenga and Liinakhamari are located on the shores of the bay.

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Coordinates: 69°36′50″N 31°21′59″E / 69.6138888989°N 31.3663888989°E / 69.6138888989; 31.3663888989