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Litany Para Pedir Posada (English: Asking for a place to stay) is a song traditionally sung in The Posadas — traditional Christmas celebrations in some Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. In Mexico, posadas are part of what has recently been called The Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon.





En nombre del cielo
Os pido posada
Pues no puede andar
Mi esposa amada

Outside - Joseph asks:

(In the name of heaven)
(I request you grant us shelter)
(Given that she cannot walk)
(She my beloved wife)


Aquí no es mesón
Sigan adelante
Yo no puedo abrir
No sea algún tunante

Inside - "Probable" host answers:

(This is not an Inn)
(Please continue ahead)
(I can not open)
(You may be a robber)


No seas inhumano
Tennos caridad
Que el Rey de los cielos
Te lo premiará

Outside - Joseph replies:

(Do not be inhumane)
(grant us charity)
(Since the King of heavens)
(Will prize you for that)


Ya se pueden ir
Y no molestar
porque si me enfado
Os voy a apalear

Inside - Still "probable" host answers:

(You can already go away)
(and do not bother)
(because if I get upset)
(I will beat you up)


Venimos rendidos
Desde Nazaret
Yo soy carpintero
De nombre José

Outside - Joseph insists:

(We come exhausted)
(From Nazareth)
(I am a carpenter)
(Named Joseph)


No me importa el nombre
Déjenme dormir
Porque ya les digo
Que no hemos de abrir

Inside - Still unconvinced host replies:

(I don't care about your name)
(Let me go to sleep)
(Because, as I said)
(We shall not open)


Posada te pide
Amado casero
Por sólo una noche
La reina del cielo

Outside - Joseph expects reasoning:

(She asks you shelter)
(Dear innkeeper)
(for just one night)
(She, the queen of heaven)


Pues si es una reina
Quien lo solicita
¿Cómo es que de noche
Anda tan solita?

Inside - Almost convinced host asks:

(So, if it's a queen)
(who's asking for it,)
(how is it that at night)
(she travels so alone?)


Mi esposa es María
Es reina del cielo
Y madre va a ser
Del divino verbo

Outside - Joseph answers:

(My wife is Mary)
(She's the Heavenly Queen)
(And she'll be mother)
(Of the divine word)


¿Eres tú José?
¿Tu esposa es María?
Entren peregrinos
No los conocía

Inside - Convinced host finally offers shelter:

(Are you Joseph?)
(Is your wife Mary?)
(Come in, pilgrims)
(I did not know you)


Dios pague, señores
Vuestra caridad
Y que os colme el cielo
De felicidad

Outside - Joseph gratefully says:

(May God pay, sirs)
(your charity)
(And may heaven swamp you)
(With happiness)


Dichosa la casa
Que alberga este día
A la virgen pura
La hermosa María

Inside - Host replies:

(Joyful be the house)
(That this day hosts)
(The pure virgin)
(The beautiful Mary)


Spanish English
¡Entren santos peregrinos!
¡Reciban éste rincón!
Que aunque es pobre la morada
¡Se las doy de corazón!
¡Cantemos con alegría!
¡Todos al considerar!
¡Que Jesús, José y María
nos vinieron hoy a honrar!
(Come in, holy pilgrims!)
(Receive this corner!)
(Because, even though the place is poor)
(I offer it to you from my heart!)
(Let's sing with joy!)
(Everyone at the thought!)
(That Jesus, Joseph and Mary)
(Came today to honour us!)