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PeggyOlson is an award-winning micro-blog hosted on the website Twitter. It is written in the voice of Mad Men character Peggy Olson. She describes herself as " Sr. copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Rising star on Madison Ave." located in "New York City, 1963" and has over 23,000 followers. The Twitter account is run by Carri Bugbee, a marketing consultant from Portland, Oregon. She created the Twitter account to "“to see what kind of potential Twitter had to build brand without being obvious.”[1] AMC's lawyers did not approve of her Twitter account; she received an "account suspended" notice from Twitter shortly after she started tweeting, but after her Twitter fans protested, her account was reinstated.[2]

Her win in the Advertising category of the 2009 Shorty Awards "really got everyone in the contest talking" and "outrag[ed] some of the real-life ad shops in the running", who Rickrolled her in retaliation.[3]


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