Peigín Leitir Móir

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"Peigín Leitir Móir"
English title "Peggy Lettermore"
Published 1911
Genre Irish folk song
Writer(s) Máirtín Ó Clochartaigh, Pádraic Ó Maille
Language Irish

"Peigín Leitir Móir" is a popular Irish folk song.

The original verses of the song were written in Irish by Máirtín Ó Clochartaigh and Pádraic Ó Maille of Leitir Caladh (a townland to the north of Leitir Mór, County Galway) around the turn of the 20th century.[1] It was published in the review An Claidheamh Soluis in 1911. However, new verses were added at various times and places as the song gained popularity in Irish-speaking districts.

In general, the song extols the beauty of a woman called Peigín, and tells how she attracts not only the poet but men from different districts.

The song is also played as a polka, without lyrics, by traditional musicians.



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