Pelican Lake (Cochrane District, Ontario)

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Pelican Lake
Location Cochrane District, Ontario
Coordinates 49°54′31″N 84°08′08″W / 49.90861°N 84.13556°W / 49.90861; -84.13556Coordinates: 49°54′31″N 84°08′08″W / 49.90861°N 84.13556°W / 49.90861; -84.13556
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 0.94 km (0.58 mi)
Max. width 0.12 km (0.075 mi)
Surface elevation 222 m (728 ft)

Pelican Lake is one of a trio of lakes that form a small endorheic basin in Cochrane District, Ontario, Canada. It is about 940 metres (3,084 ft) long and 120 metres (394 ft) wide and lies at an elevation of 222 metres (728 ft). The lake lies about 13 kilometres (8 mi) north of the community of Calstock.

The primary inflow is a small creek that starts at Ptarmigan Lake, then flows through Swallow Lake before reaching Pelican Lake, which has no outlet.