Pelister National Park

Coordinates: 40°58′52″N 21°11′28″E / 40.981°N 21.191°E / 40.981; 21.191
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Pelister National Park
Map showing the location of Pelister National Park
Map showing the location of Pelister National Park
Pelister National Park
LocationMunicipality of Bitola, North Macedonia
Nearest cityBitola
Coordinates40°58′52″N 21°11′28″E / 40.981°N 21.191°E / 40.981; 21.191[1]
Area171.5 km2 (66.2 sq mi)

Pelister National Park is a national park in the Municipality of Bitola, North Macedonia. The park is located in the Baba Mountain massif and covers an area of 171.5 square kilometres (66.2 sq mi). The altitude of the park varies between 927 and 2,601 m (3,041 and 8,533 ft) above sea level and is filled with exquisite flora and fauna. Among flora elements, the presence is especially significant of the five-needle pine molica, Pinus peuce - a unique species of Cenozoic age being present on only a few mountains in the Balkan Peninsula. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the diverse wildlife: bears, roe deer, wolves, chamois, deer, wild boars, rabbits, several species of eagles, partridges, red-billed choughs, and the endemic Macedonian Pelagonia trout.


Pelister was the first national park in Yugoslavia, declared on November 30, 1948. It is the oldest and second largest national park in North Macedonia after Mavrovo. It is one of the leading tourist areas in the country, since it is a well-known ski resort, along with Ohrid, Prespa, Dojran, Popova Šapka, and Kruševo. From Pelister one can see the Pelagonia valley, Lake Prespa, mountains Nidže, Galičica, Jakupica, and the city of Bitola. Pelister is one of the most southern mountains in the Balkans that has an alpine character. Pelister is also known for its two mountain lakes, which are called Pelister's Eyes. The Big lake is 2,218 metres (7,277 ft) above the sea level while the Small lake is 2,180 metres (7,150 ft) high. Here are the sources of many rivers. The climate in Pelister National Park is diverse.

Snowdrifts in the Pelister National Park


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