Pemberton Meadows

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Pemberton Meadows is a locality in the Pemberton Valley of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Formerly the primary agricultural settlement in the valley prior to the establishment of Pemberton, 45 kilometres down the Lillooet River from "the Meadows", it was also the area of the primary settlement of the Lil'wat people now relocated to the Mount Currie reserve, who were encouraged to move south to a new mission at Owl Creek just east of Mount Currie. Today the term is used to generically refer to the farmland stretching upstream from Pemberton, though it still will be used to refer to this locality proper.



  • Pemberton: History of a Settlement, Frances Decker, self-published

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Coordinates: 50°26′30″N 122°55′00″W / 50.44167°N 122.91667°W / 50.44167; -122.91667