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Pendragon Records was a short-lived American industrial and electronic music record label that was founded in 1997 by Irish expatriate Colm O'Connor. The label was based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pendragon released a total of 25 albums from artists based in the United States, Canada, and Germany. Notable bands signed to Pendragon included Haujobb, Gridlock, Velvet Acid Christ, and Xorcist.

Its first release, PEN100, was Haujobb's Homes and Gardens. It was bought out by Metropolis Records in 1999 shortly after it released Halo_Gen's self-titled album, PEN125. When Metropolis Records bought Pendragon, they continued to sell Pendragon's backstock. Some of the bands signed to Pendragon, such as Haujobb and Imperative Reaction, continued to release music on Metropolis Records. Others, such as Gridlock, moved to other labels after the acquisition.

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