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Penguin Caffeinated peppermints, energy gum, and cinnamon mints.

Penguin Mints is a brand of caffeinated mints made by Seattle-based ifive brands. The company also produces caffeinated "energy gum", as well as non-caffeinated mints. The brand was introduced in 1998 according to Forbes Magazine (August 21 2000).

List of products[edit]

  • Caffeinated Peppermints
  • Caffeinated Cinnamon Mints
  • Caffeinated Chocolate Mints
  • Peppermint Energy Gum
  • Citrus Energy Gum
  • Kola Energy Gum
  • Penguin Lights Decaffeinated Peppermints

Active ingredients[edit]

All three varieties of caffeinated mints contain 7mg[1] of caffeine per mint. Five mints are approximately equal to one 12 ounce can of cola.

The energy gum products also contain 7mg of caffeine per piece. In addition, the Kola Energy Gum contains Ginseng and the Citrus Energy Gum contains Taurine and Guarana.

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