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Pennsylvania Route 434

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PA Route 434 marker

PA Route 434
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length: 12.471 mi[1] (20.070 km)
Existed: 1967 – present
Major junctions
South end: PA 739 in Lords Valley
  US 6 in Greeley
PA 590 in Greeley
North end: NY 55 / CR 11 in Shohola Township
Counties: Pike
Highway system
PA 433 PA 435
PA 36 PA-37.svg PA 38
PA 136 PA-137 (1926).svg PA 138

Pennsylvania Route 434 (designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as SR 0434) is a 12.47-mile-long (20.07 km) state highway located in northeast Pennsylvania. The western terminus of the route is at Pennsylvania Route 739 in the Blooming Grove Township community of Lords Valley. The eastern terminus of the route is at the New York-Pennsylvania border in Shohola Township, where PA 434 crosses the Delaware River and enters New York, becoming New York State Route 55 at an intersection with New York State Route 97 in the town of Highland. State Route 434 used to be part of Pennsylvania Route 37 and Pennsylvania Route 137.

Route description[edit]

Sign for Route 434 northbound in Greeley

Route 434 begins at an intersection with Route 739 and Pike County Quadrant Route 4004 in Lords Valley, a community in Blooming Grove Township. Route 434 heads to the northeast, passing businesses and homes before leaving the community. The highway then gets into a more scenic rural region, with trees surrounding the highway. Route 434, which makes several curves for the next few miles, passes to the south of a lake. The highway continues on for several miles in this way.[2] A short time later, the highway passes a couple homes and crosses Shohola Creek. Just north of the creek, the area becomes somewhat urbanized with homes beginning to surround the road again. However, this does not last long, with forests returning once more. Just north of the community, Route 434 intersects U.S. Route 6.

Route 434 northbound in Shohola

After the intersection with U.S. Route 6, the surroundings around the highway become a mix of homes and forests. This lasts for much of the distance on Route 434 until Greeley, where it becomes urbanized again. In downtown Greeley, Route 434 splits at an intersection where Pennsylvania Route 590 begins. The highway makes a curve, turning to the southeast for a distance north of Greeley. Soon afterwards, Route 434 parallels Shohola Creek, heading northeastward.[2] Route 434 begins to become urbanized for a third time, passing some large buildings along with homes and forests. The creek continues to parallel, with the highway turning in several different directions. The forests begin to recede as Route 434 enters Shohola Township. Twin Lakes Road, a quadrant route, terminates at Route 434 before crossing the Delaware River and becoming New York State Route 55 and Sullivan County Route 11 at the border.[2]


In 1928, what is now Pennsylvania Route 590 between Lackawaxen and present-day PA 434 in Greeley was designated Pennsylvania Route 37.[3] From Greeley, PA 37 continued south along the PA 434 alignment to its southern terminus at U.S. Route 6.[3] In 1946, PA 37 was removed from the PA 590 alignment.[4][5]

While PA 37 occupied the 1.5-mile (2.4 km) segment of modern PA 434 from US 6 to Greeley, a spur of PA 37, Pennsylvania Route 137, occupied the remainder of PA 434 from Greeley to the state line from 1928 to 1946. In 1946, however, PA 37 was realigned to follow the entire alignment of PA 434 from US 6 to New York, decommissioning PA 137 in the process.[4] PA 37 remained in existence until 1967 when PA 37 was replaced by PA 434.[6] In 2004, State Route 434 was extended from its southern terminus down to an intersection with State Route 739 in Lords Valley.[7][8]

PA 434 shared a brief 0.1-mile (0.16 km) concurrency US 6 after its extension to PA 739 was created. A new unsignalized intersection was built between 2005 and 2008 eliminating this concurrency.

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Pike County.

Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Blooming Grove Township 0.000 0.000 PA 739 to I-84 Eastern terminus of SR 4004
Shohola Township 3.884 6.251 US 6
Greeley 7.896 12.707 PA 590 west – Lackawaxen, Rowland Eastern terminus of PA 590
Delaware River 12.471 20.070 Barryville–Shohola Bridge
12.471 20.070 NY 55 / CR 11 to NY 97 Western terminus of NY 55 and Sullivan CR 11
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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