Edinburgh Tigers

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Edinburgh Tigers
Edinburgh Tigers logo
Leagues Lothian League Division 1
Founded 1992
Arena Cameron House Community Centre
Location Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland
Team colors Sky Blue/Orange, Black/Orange

Edinburgh Tigers (formerly known as Pentland Tigers) is a basketball club based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The club is a member of the Lothian Basketball Association (LBA) and plays in the Lothian League Division 1. Edinburgh Tigers normally train at Cameron House Community Centre on Tuesday evenings, and play matches on a Friday night at Westwoods Health Club.

2011/12 Roster[edit]

4 Scotland Sean Hume Guard/Forward
5 Scotland Chris Midgley Guard/Forward
6 Scotland David Perry Centre
7 Scotland Chris Moffat Forward
8 Scotland Callum Brown Guard
9 Scotland Laurie Brown Forward/Centre
10 Scotland Chris Di Rollo Guard
11 Scotland Craig Wilson Guard
12 Scotland Neil Watson Guard
13 Scotland Sean Mitchell Guard
14 Scotland Jonathan Dick Guard
15 Scotland Stuart Bailey Guard
16 China Dan Wang Guard
17 Spain Fernando Muñoz Forward/Guard

Notable former players[edit]

Ghana Aaron Arkorful Guard/Forward
France Frédéric Lincker Forward/Centre
Germany Maik Fischer Guard/Forward
Italy Maurizio Marroni Guard/Head Coach
Scotland James Patton Forward
Scotland Andrew Sanders Centre
Spain Javier Vega Pedrosa Centre
France Benoit Delay Guard/Forward


The Edinburgh Tigers were formed in 1992.