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People's Party of Galicia
Partido Popular de Galicia
Abbreviation PPdeG
President Alberto Núñez Feijóo
Secretary-General Alfonso Rueda Valenzuela
Founder Manuel Fraga
Honorary Presidents
Founded 1989 (1989)
Headquarters Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Newspaper Hoxe e Noticia
Youth wing Novas Xeracións
Ideology Conservatism
Christian democracy
Economic liberalism and Galicianism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation People's Party
Galician Parliament
41 / 75
Town councillors in Galicia
1,753 / 3,766
Politics of Galicia
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The People's Party of Galicia (Galician/Spanish: Partido Popular de Galicia [parˈtiðo popuˈlar ðe ɣaˈliθja], PPdeG [peˈpe ðe ˈɣa]) is a conservative-right political party in Galicia, Spain. It is the Galician affiliate of the Spanish People's Party.

Prior to the 2005 Galician elections, the PPdeG had been in power for 15 years. In the election the party won one seat shy of an absolute majority. The other two parties with deputies (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party and Galician Nationalist Bloc) were then able to form a governing coalition.

The party has returned to power in the 2009 Galician elections.



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