People's Salvation Army

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People's Salvation Army
Народна армія спасіння
Leader Oleksandr Pabat[1]
Founded 2009[2]
International affiliation None
Official website (in Ukrainian)

The People's Salvation Army (Ukrainian: Народна армія спасіння) is a Ukrainian political organisation.[3]


The movement was initiated in 2009 by Oleksandr Pabat.[2] The organisation claims Ukraine is "on the brink of disaster" and it intends to "save" Ukraine through a structured plan where everybody can contribute to by attending mass rallies or calling a "hot line".[4] The party claims that in March and April 2009 alone it held over 40 rallies and meetings in central and eastern Ukraine.[4]

The movement supported candidate Oleksandr Pabat during the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election.[5][6]


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