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People Can Change (PCC) is an American nonprofit organization supporting men wishing to reduce or eliminate their homosexual desires.[1] The organization hosts weekend retreats for these men.[2] Their stated mission is "to offer other men who seek similar transformation a pathway of healing, by providing information, training, coaching and support."[2] PCC is also a signatory member of Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality (PATH), a coalition of ex-gay organizations seeking to support those with unwanted homosexual desires.[3]

PCC was founded in 2000 by Rich Wyler, based on his own experience with conversion therapy.[4] In an interview with Warren Olney, Wyler explains that the group's purpose is to help men find peace and fulfillment in their lives. While he states that may mean living as gay for some men, he claims others have found fulfillment in celibacy or in a heterosexual relationship.[5]

Weekend retreats[edit]

Journey Into Manhood is an experiential weekend put on by PCC that takes place in various parts of the US and the UK.[6] It uses a variety of techniques, including visualizations, group sharing and emotional-release, based on the creators' personal experience and time with reparative therapy, but makes clear that the group is non-professional peer counseling.[7] The concepts used in this retreat were presented at the 2003 NARTH Conference on Homosexuality: Current Trends in Research and Therapy.[8]

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