Peregrine Lascelles

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Peregrine Lascelles
Memorial to Peregrine Lascelles in St Mary's Church, Whitby.

General Peregrine Lascelles (1685 – 26 March 1772) was an officer of the British Army.

He was born in 1685 in a house in Staithside, Whitby,[2] the son of Peregrine Lascelles and his wife Mary Wigginer.[1] He entered the Army on 12 April 1706[3] with a commission as adjutant to Lord Lovelace's newly raised Regiment of Foot.[4] On 27 August 1707 he was made ensign,[5] and on 13 July 1708 he was promoted to captain in Colonel Nicholas Lepell's Regiment of Foot. In 1712, when the regiment (by this time Colonel William Stanhope's) was disbanded, he was placed on half-pay,[4][6] but in 1715 he became captain in Brigadier-General Alexander Grant's Regiment of Foot. By 1723 he was captain in Colonel Charles Churchill's Regiment of Dragoons.[4]

On 11 June 1731 Lascelles was made captain-lieutenant of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards,[4] being promoted to captain (with rank as a lieutenant-colonel in the Army) on 5 June 1733.[3][4][7] On 13 March 1743 he succeeded Colonel John Mordaunt as colonel of his own Regiment of Foot (later ranked as the 58th, and renumbered as the 47th Regiment of Foot in 1751).[4][8][9] He was stationed in Nova Scotia during Father Le Loutre's War.

Peregrine Lascelles was promoted to major-general on 27 March 1754[4][8][10] and lieutenant-general on 16 January 1758.[4][11] He remained colonel of the 47th until his death in 1772, at the age of eighty-eight.[4][8] There is a tablet to his memory in St Mary's Church, Whitby;[7] the epitaph is thought to have been written by Dr Dealtry of York.[1] A portrait in armour attributed to Sir Godfrey Kneller is in the Whitby Museum.[12]


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