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Persian Scholars Pavilion in Vienna

Scholars Pavilion or Scholars Chartagi is a monument donated by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Office at Vienna. The monument architecture is Persian Achaemenid architecture,[1] with Persian columns and other features from Persepolis and other remains from the Achaemenids. The Chahartaq pavilion form runs through the architecture of Persia from pre-Islamic times to the present.

Statues of four famous Persian medieval scholars, Omar Khayyam, Al-Biruni, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi and Avicenna (Ibn-e-Sina or Pour Sina) are inside the pavilion. This monument donated in June 2009 in occasion of Iran's peaceful developments in science.[2][3] This monument was designed by Alireza Nazem Alroaya and constructed by Sadeh Architecture City Construction.



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