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A personal stylist is a person who typically advises individuals on, for example, new fashion trends, clothing styles, colours and make-up.

A personal stylist is a recognised profession not to be confused with a 'stylist' whose job it is predominantly to manage fashion photoshoots for leading fashion labels.

A personal stylist is concerned with an individual rather than a particular fashion brand. With the recent rise of fame for celebrity stylists like Trinny and Susannah and Gok Wan the general public have heightened their interest and awareness in understanding the theory behind achieving styles that suit them. Personal stylists are now addressing this demand and serving the general public who view the service as a luxury but a beneficial experience.

There are a number of personal stylists all over the world and the numbers are growing steadily. A good personal stylist will be affiliated with an accredited industry body, such as the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI)[1] who set the industry standards in line with City and Guilds and are based in the UK. Training is offered by a number of Image schools and can take up to an intense month to complete.

The United Kingdom has a growing industry of personal stylists, who offer style and fashion tips and image consultancy for corporate customers.

London in particular is at the heart of the fashion community, with some saying that London has become the fashion capital of the World. The vast range of designer and highstreet stores in London makes it a haven for personal stylists.


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