Peruvian civil war of 1884–1885

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Peruvian civil war of 1884–1885
Result Victory of Cáceres and his supporters
Commanders and leaders
Andrés Avelino Cáceres
César Canevaro
Remigio Morales Bermudez
Miguel Iglesias
800 (1884)
4,000 (1885)
2,000 (1884)
6,000 (1885)

The Peruvian civil war of 1884–1885 was an internal Peruvian conflict that resulted from Peru's defeat in the War of the Pacific. The casus belli was the Treaty of Ancon.

Caceres' final assault and capture of Lima[edit]

On November 28, 1885, Caceres and his forces appeared outside Lima and launched their final assault. By this time, the people of Lima welcomed Caceres and joined him. Fighting between Caceres' and Iglesias' forces continued into November 29 and 30. On December 3, 1885, with his control of Lima reduced to only the Government Palace, Iglesias resigned and went into exile.


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