Pesek Zman

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Pesek Zman
An Elite brand Pesek Zman candy bar, shown split.
Alternative names Hebrew: פסק זמן
Course Snack
Place of origin Israel
Created by Elite
Main ingredients Chocolate waffle
Variations "BigBite", '4Play", "2Good", "Fingers", "Red".

Pesek Zman (Hebrew: פסק זמן‎, "Time Out") is an Israeli brand of chocolate snacks, manufactured by Strauss Group's Strauss Israel company under its Elite confectionery brand.[1]

Snack's appearance[edit]

The original bar was flat and measured about 20 cm length, 4 cm width and 1 cm thick. The snack consists of two layers: a waffle and a chocolate coat. The waffle contains chocolate cream. In 2008, the chocolate cream was replaced by hazelnut cream. The snack was produced and presented for the first time in 1982. Since then, many different versions of the snack were created.

The original snack[edit]

  • Mini Pesek Zman: a minimized version, consists of only two cubes (instead of 4 cubes in the normal size).

The product also comes with types of chocolate other than milk chocolate:

  • White: a normal size snack, with white chocolate.
  • Black: a normal size snack, with dark chocolate.

Additional chocolate snacks of the same trademark[edit]

An Elite brand Pesek Zman Big Bite candy bar, split.
  • Big bite: a thicker version of the Pesek Zman snack, includes a bigger waffle layer and a total of 4 cubes.
  • 4Play: a thicker version of Pesek Zman snack in a basketball shape, which includes waffle, nougat, chocolate, milk and hazelnut cream. Consists of 4 cubes.
  • Red Pesek Zman: rolled waffle version, including nougat and chocolate, with a red wrapping. In addition to the original rolled waffle version, there are also white chocolate and dark chocolate versions.
  • Fingers: chocolate tablets divided into 7 chocolate fingers with cream filling.
  • 2Good: two milk chocolate snacks filled with rolled waffle and hazelnut cream, covered with chocolate chips.


Pesek Zman is Elite's most famous product. Elite invests substantially in advertising the product. Its leading slogan is: "Take Pesek Zman (time out), a sweet moment in life". The advertisements of Pesek Zman mainly deal with sport themes.

Following the 2011 Israeli social justice protests, in February 2012 the snack made headlines in Israeli newspapers. It was published that in the United States, the snack is significantly cheaper than in Israel, where it is manufactured. This revelation started a civil protest against the Strauss company on social networking websites.


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