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Pete List
Background information
Genres Middle Eastern
Instruments beatbox

Pete List is a New York City-based musician and animator.


List has done animation work for Celebrity Deathmatch, Gary & Mike, and Disney's Doug.[1] Also included on his resume are ID's and promos for companies like MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. He directed the Marilyn Manson music video for "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes".[2] His latest work has focused on children's videos for Scholastic.[3]


List is a multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for his beatboxing for Middle Eastern-influenced music.[4] He is a member of Beatbox Guitar with Rob Mastrianni, and Djinn with Carmine Guida,[5] and has toured various countries with these acts. His music with Djinn has featured on the Istanbul episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

Partial discography[edit]

  • Songs for Kassar[6]


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