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Peter Grehn
Born 1971
Bollnäs, Sweden
Genres Heavy metal, power metal, punk rock, thrash metal
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals, drums
Associated acts Lady Die, Morgana Lefay, M.I.D., Fantasmagoria, Sepher Jezirah etc.

Peter Grehn (born 1971 in Bollnäs, Sweden) is a Swedish guitarplayer who currently performs with the metalband Lady Die, Morgana Lefay.


Prior to joining Morgana Lefay in 1998, Peter has played with an array of bands, in different kinds of genres, but mostly holding on to metal. Many local bands such as O.G.3, Fantasmagoria, Holocaust (all three with fellow Morgana Lefay-members), Insanity and Sepher Jezirah.

He was also one of the founding members of the Swedish punk band M.I.D. in 1990, which only sung in Swedish and released short albums containing only a few songs. The band was started just for fun in the beginning, but the response of their first gig was so good that they kept playing. Peter did first start out as a drummer / vocalist for that band, but member- changes later on got him to play guitar instead.

In 1998, Morgana Lefay split with their record label Black Mark and lost one guitarist, bassist and drummer at that time, Peter got in as guitarist and remains a member of that band still. Because of the change of record label, they also had to change band name, which ended up in simply Lefay. So his first recording with them was with the album "The Seventh Seal" in 1999. Except for playing guitar, he's also providing with backing vocals in the band, and also lead vocals a bit.


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