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Peter Mandaville is Associate Professor in the Department of Public and International Affairs and Co-Director of Mason’s Center for Global Studies at George Mason University in Virginia, United States. According to The Economist, "Those looking for a reliable guide to the currents of political Islam, of which al-Qaeda-style jihadism is but one, could do worse than turn to a young American scholar, Peter Mandaville, an associate professor at George Mason University, near Washington, DC. Mr Mandaville's primer, Global Political Islam, is a well-informed account of the origins of mainstream Islamism, the strategies of Islamisation, the emergence of the radical fringe, the competition for authority among Muslim elites and the impact of globalisation on Muslim politics."[1]

He has authored numerous book chapters and journal articles, contributed to publications such as the International Herald Tribune and The New Republic, and consulted extensively for media, government and non-profit agencies.[2]


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