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Peter Pan Records
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Parent companySPC
Country of originUnited States

Peter Pan Records was a record label specializing in children's music. The label was introduced to the public in March 1948.[1] The label was owned by the Synthetic Plastics Company of Newark, New Jersey until the 1970s.

The label became one of the largest and most successful children's specialty record labels in America, manufacturing releases that often contrasted with those of their competitors (Wonderland Records, Kid Stuff Records, and Mr. Pickwick). Peter Pan enjoyed their greatest success as a children's label during the 1950s. Many of their most famous releases were issued on 78-RPM 7 and 10-inch records and on 45-RPM 7-inch records. Both songs (such as a cover version of "Frosty the Snowman") and stories (such as a heavily abridged version of Peter and the Wolf, with Victor Jory narrating) were released. Releases credited a variety of performers, including Dick Edwards with the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra,[2] the Caroleer Singers,[3] the Peter Pan Players and variations on these titles.

The label was notable for its series of book-and-record sets, combining an illustrated storybook with a vinyl record that contained music and narration by "your Peter Pan Storyteller" (who would prompt the listener to "turn the page" at the sound of a bell). Bugs Bunny, Popeye the Sailor Man, The Flintstones, Bozo the Clown, Scooby-Doo and Casper the Friendly Ghost were among the characters featured in these sets.

One of its most successful releases was Santa Claus is Coming to Town, an original production by Peter Pan's studio collective (known as the Peppermint Kandy Kids), that featured remakes of classic Christmas holiday songs, original songs for the album, and portrayals of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Also notable was the company's run of Irwin the Disco Duck albums, which featured popular songs of their time (1976 to 1980) and were aimed at children, with the title character acting as a DJ.

Peter Pan Records was spun off into its own entity, Peter Pan Industries, from the 1970s to 2000. In the early 1990s, while keeping its primary asset alive (even though the children's label market had declined), Peter Pan Industries branched into music releases not aimed at the children's market.

The company changed its name to PPI Entertainment of Newark, New Jersey, and established new label divisions and imprints, including Rohit International Records, a budget label from the 1990s that specialized in reggae.

In 2006, PPI Entertainment Group changed its name yet again to Inspired Studios from West Palm Bach, Florida.

Power Records
Parent companySPC
Country of originUnited States

Power Records[edit]

Power Records was a related label, featuring characters licensed from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and contemporary movies and television series (such as Kojak, Planet of the Apes, The Six Million Dollar Man, Space: 1999, and Star Trek), in stories geared toward older children. The book-and-record sets frequently featured original 20-page comic books along with an extended-play 7" record of the story. Playing the record while reading along in the book brought the story to life through music and sound effects.[4] There were also other 7" single releases. Besides book-and-record sets, LPs were produced, featuring the recorded stories without illustrations. As of 2010, none of the Power Records material has been re-released for CD or digital media due to copyright issues.[5]


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