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Peter Wynne-Thomas (born 30 July 1934 in Retford, Nottinghamshire[1]) is an English cricket writer, historian[2] and statistician who has for many years been the archivist and librarian of Nottinghamshire CCC.[3][4] The library at Nottinghamshire's Trent Bridge cricket ground is named The Wynne-Thomas Library in his honour.[5] He has been one of the club's general committee members.[6] In 2016 he was elected President of the club.[7]


Wynne-Thomas trained as an architectural consultant but, from what began as a hobby, he has specialised in cricket statistics and research.[8] He has written cricket books, some intended for those with a beginner's or casual interest in the sport.[9] Examples are the Hamlyn A-Z of Cricket Records, which is a selection of statistical information; and A History of Cricket: From the Weald to the World which presents an account of cricket's history. His Nottinghamshire Cricketers 1821-1914 won The Cricket Society Book of the Year Award in 1971.

During the 1960s, Wynne-Thomas worked with Rowland Bowen on The Cricket Quarterly.[10] In 1973, he was involved in the foundation of the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians (ACS). He was the original treasurer until 1974 and then secretary until he retired in 2006.[11]

Wynne-Thomas managed the Sport-in-Print bookshop (opposite the Trent Bridge Inn by Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in Nottingham) from December 1987.[12] The ACS purchased the premises in 1993 as its headquarters. Wynne-Thomas combined his shop and ACS roles until March 2006, when he retired and the shop was sold, the ACS relocating to Cardiff.


Publications by Wynne-Thomas include the following :[13]

  • Nottinghamshire Cricketers 1821-1914 (1971)
  • Nottinghamshire Cricketers 1919-1939 (1980)
  • England on Tour (1983)
  • Who's Who of Cricketers (with Philip Bailey and Philip Thorn) (1984)
  • Cricket in Conflict (with Peter Arnold) (1984)
  • A-Z of Cricket Records (1985)
  • Give Me Arthur: A Biography of Arthur Shrewsbury (1985)
  • Nottinghamshire: Cricket's Double Champions 1987 (1988)
  • The History of Hampshire County Cricket Club (1988)
  • The Complete History of Cricket Tours at Home and Abroad (1989)
  • The History of Lancashire County Cricket Club (1989)
  • The Australian Tour to England 1948 (with Peter Griffiths) (1990)
  • The History of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club (1992)
  • Sir Julien Cahn's Team 1923-1941 (1994)
  • Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club First-Class Records 1826–1995 (1996)
  • The History of Cricket: From the Weald to the World (1997)
  • Ivo Bligh (2002)
  • Nottinghamshire County Cricket Grounds (2002)
  • FS Ashley-Cooper: A Biographical Sketch And Bibliography (2003)
  • Cricket's Historians (2011)
  • William Clarke: The Old General (2014)
  • Arthur Carr: The Rise and Fall of Nottinghamshire's Bodyline Captain (2017)

Co-authored with Peter Arnold[edit]

  • The Illustrated History of the Test Match (1988)
  • An Ashes Anthology (1989)
  • The Ashes: A Complete Illustrated History (1990)
  • The Complete Book of Cricket (1997)
  • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cricket (1997)
  • The Best Book of Cricket Stats and Facts Ever! (1999)
  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Cricket (2007)


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