Petermann Ranges (Antarctica)

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Coordinates: 71°40′S 12°20′E / 71.667°S 12.333°E / -71.667; 12.333

The fieldcamp of the GeoMaud expedition 1995/96 in the northern Petermann Chains, Antarctica

Not to be confused with the Petermann Orogeny in Central Australia

The Petermann Ranges (German: Petermannketten) are a number of associated mountain ranges including the Ostliche Petermann, Mittlere Petermann, Westliche Petermann, Südliche Petermann, and Pieck Ranges, located just east of the Humboldt Mountains in the central Wohlthat Mountains of Queen Maud Land.

These mountain ranges were discovered and plotted from air photos by the Third German Antarctic Expedition (1938–1939), led by Capt. Alfred Ritscher, who named it for August Petermann.

 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Petermann Ranges (Antarctica)" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).