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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Siege of Petersburg of the American Civil War. The following Order of Battle is the Organization from the Confederate forces near Petersburg of October 27, 1864.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Confederate Forces Near Petersburg[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee

Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee

  • Provost Guard Maj. D.B. Bridgford
    • 5th Alabama Battalion
    • 1st Virginia Battalion
    • 48th Georgia (1 Company)
    • 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
  • Engineers MG Jeremy Francis Gilmer
    • 1st Confederate Engineers
    • 2nd Confederate Engineers

First Corps[edit]

LTG James Longstreet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Kershaw's Division
     MG Joseph B. Kershaw (Kershaw's Division was sent to join Early in the Valley on 7 August 1864, left the Valley on 14 September 1864, and then rejoined Early in the Valley 26 September 1864. It finally returned to Petersburg by 21 November 1864.)

Kershaw's Brigade

   Col John Doby Kennedy

Wofford's Brigade

   Col John C. C. Sanders

  • 16th Georgia
  • 18th Georgia
  • 24th Georgia
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
  • Phillips' (Georgia) Legion
  • 3rd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
Humphreys' Brigade

   Maj G. B. Gerald

  • 13th Mississippi
  • 17th Mississippi
  • 18th Mississippi
  • 21st Mississippi
Bryan's Brigade

   Col James P. Simms

Field's Division
     MG Charles W. Field

Bratton's Brigade

   BG John Bratton
   Col J. Walker

  • 1st South Carolina
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles
  • 5th South Carolina
  • 6th South Carolina
  • Palmetto Sharpshooters
Law's Brigade

   Col William F. Perry

  • 4th Alabama
  • 15th Alabama
  • 44th Alabama
  • 47th Alabama
  • 48th Alabama
Anderson's Brigade

   BG George T. Anderson

  • 7th Georgia
  • 8th Georgia
  • 9th Georgia
  • 11th Georgia
  • 59th Georgia
Gregg's Brigade (Gregg was killed 7 October 1864, and Bass was wounded the same day. Winkler commanded after this.)

   BG John Gregg
   Col F.S. Bass
   Ltc C.M. Winkler

Benning's Brigade

   BG Henry L. Benning

Pickett's Division
     MG George E. Pickett

Terry's Brigade

   BG William R. Terry

Hunton's Brigade

   BG Eppa Hunton

Steuart's Brigade

   BG George H. Steuart

Corse's Brigade

   BG Montgomery D. Corse

Corps Artillery
     BG Edward Porter Alexander

Huger's Battalion

   Ltc Frank Huger

  • Fickling's (South Carolina) Battery
  • Poindexter's (Louisiana) Battery
  • Parker's (Virginia) Battery
  • Smith's (Virginia) Battery
  • Taylor's (Virginia) Battery
  • Woolfolk's (Virginia) Battery
Haskell's Battalion

   Maj John C. Haskell

  • Flanner's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Garden's (South Carolina) Battery
  • Lamkin's (Virginia) Battery
  • Ramsay's (North Carolina) Battery
Cabell's Battalion

   Col Henry C. Cabell

  • Callaway's (Georgia) Battery
  • Carlton's (Georgia) Battery
  • Anderson's (Virginia) Battery
  • Manly's (North Carolina) Battery
1st Virginia Artillery Battalion
  • Dance's (Virginia) Battery
  • Smith's (Virginia) Battery
  • Graham's (Virginia) Battery
  • Griffin's (Virginia) Battery
Johnson's Battalion
  • Pollock's (Virginia) Battery
  • Wilkes' (Virginia) Battery
Stark's Battalion
  • Green's (Virginia) Battery
  • Armistead's (Virginia) Battery
  • French's (Virginia) Battery

Third Corps[edit]

LTG A. P. Hill

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Mahone's Division
     BG William Mahone

Sander' Brigade

   Col J.H. King

  • 8th Alabama
  • 9th Alabama
  • 10th Alabama
  • 11th Alabama
  • 14th Alabama
Harris' Brigade

   BG Nathaniel H. Harris

  • 12th Mississippi
  • 16th Mississippi
  • 19th Mississippi
  • 48th Mississippi
Mahone's Brigade

   BG David A. Weisiger

  • 6th Virginia
  • 12th Virginia
  • 16th Virginia
  • 41st Virginia
  • 61st Virginia
Wright's Brigade

   Col W. Gibson

  • 3rd Georgia
  • 22nd Georgia
  • 48th Georgia
  • 64th Georgia
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion
  • 10th Georgia Battalion
Finnegan's Brigade

   BG Joseph Finegan
   Col Theodore W. Brevard, Jr.

  • 2nd Florida
  • 5th Florida
  • 8th Florida
  • 9th Florida
  • 10th Florida
  • 11th Florida

Heth's Division
     MG Henry Heth

Davis' Brigade

   BG Joseph R. Davis

  • 1st Confederate Battalion
  • 2nd Mississippi
  • 11th Mississippi
  • 26th Mississippi
  • 42nd Mississippi
  • 55th North Carolina
Cooke's Brigade

   BG John R. Cooke

  • 15th North Carolina
  • 27th North Carolina
  • 46th North Carolina
  • 48th North Carolina
MacRae's Brigade

   BG William MacRae

Archer's Brigade

   BG James J. Archer (Archer was in command until 16 October 1864. Mayo then took over. Archer received a furlough and died 24 October 1864.)
   Col Robert M. Mayo

  • 13th Alabama
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army)
  • 7th Tennessee
  • 14th Tennessee
  • 2nd Maryland
  • 40th Virginia
  • 47th Virginia
  • 55th Virginia
  • 22nd Virginia Battalion

Wilcox's Division
     MG Cadmus M. Wilcox

Lane's Brigade

   BG James H. Lane

  • 7th North Carolina
  • 18th North Carolina
  • 28th North Carolina
  • 33rd North Carolina
  • 37th North Carolina
Scales' Brigade

   BG Alfred M. Scales

  • 13th North Carolina
  • 16th North Carolina
  • 22nd North Carolina
  • 34th North Carolina
  • 38th North Carolina
McGowan's Brigade

   BG Samuel McGowan

Thomas's Brigade

   BG Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia
  • 35th Georgia
  • 45th Georgia
  • 49th Georgia

Corps Artillery
     Col R. Lindsay Walker

Cutts' Battalion

   Col Allen S. Cutts

  • Patterson's (Georgia) Battery
  • Ross's (Georgia) Battery
  • Wingfield's (Georgia) Battery
McIntosh's Battalion

   Ltc David G. McIntosh

  • Dement's (Maryland) Battery
  • Chesapeake (Maryland) Battery
  • Hurt's (Alabama) Battery
  • Price's (Virginia) Battery
  • Donald's (Virginia) Battery
Pegram's Battalion

   Ltc William J. Pegram

  • Brander's (Virginia) Battery
  • Ellett's (Virginia) Battery
  • Cayce's (Virginia) Battery
  • Gregg's (South Carolina) Battery
Poague's Battalion

   Ltc William T. Poague

  • Utterback's (Virginia) Battery
  • Richard's (Mississippi) Battery
  • William's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Johnston's (Virginia) Battery
  • Penick's (Virginia) Battery
Richardson's Battalion

   Ltc Charles Richardson

  • Grandy's (Virginia) Battery
  • Landry's (Louisiana) Battery
  • Moore's (Virginia) Battery

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery Battalion:
   Ltc Benjamin F. Eshleman

  • First Company
  • Second Company
  • Third Company
  • Fourth Company

Fourth Corps[edit]

LTG Richard H. Anderson

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Johnson's Division
     MG Bushrod Johnson

Elliott's Brigade

   BG William Henry Wallace

  • 17th South Carolina
  • 18th South Carolina
  • 22nd South Carolina
  • 23rd South Carolina
  • 26th South Carolina
Gracie's Brigade

   BG Archibald Gracie, Jr.

Ransom's Brigade

   BG Matt Whitaker Ransom

  • 24th North Carolina
  • 25th North Carolina
  • 35th North Carolina
  • 49th North Carolina
  • 56th North Carolina
Wise's Brigade

   Col. J.T. Goode

  • 26th Virginia
  • 34th Virginia
  • 46th Virginia
  • 59th Virginia

Hoke's Division
     MG Robert F. Hoke

Martin's Brigade

   BG William Whedbee Kirkland

  • 17th North Carolina
  • 42nd North Carolina
  • 66th North Carolina
Clingman's Brigade

   Col. H. McKethan

  • 8th North Carolina
  • 31st North Carolina
  • 51st North Carolina
  • 61st North Carolina
Hagood's Brigade

   BG Johnson Hagood

  • 11th South Carolina
  • 21st South Carolina
  • 25th South Carolina
  • 27th South Carolina
Colquitt's Brigade

   BG Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 6th Georgia
  • 19th Georgia
  • 23rd Georgia
  • 27th Georgia
  • 28th Georgia

Corps Artillery
     Col Hilary P. Jones

28th Virginia Artillery Battalion

   Ltc John P. W. Read

  • Blount's (Virginia) Battery
  • Sullivan's (Virginia) Battery
  • Macon's (Virginia) Battery
  • Marshall's (Virginia) Battery
Moseley's Artillery Battalion

   Ltc E.F. Moseley

  • Young's (Virginia) Battery
  • Miller's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Slaten's (Georgia) Battery
  • Cumming's (North Carolina) Battery
Boggs' Artillery Battalion

   Maj F.J. Boggs

  • Darracott's (Virginia) Battery
  • Martin's (Virginia) Battery
Coit's Artillery Battalion

   Maj J.C. Coit

  • Wright's (Virginia) Battery
  • Pegram's (Virginia) Battery
  • Bradford's (Mississippi) Battery
  • Kelly's (South Carolina) Battery

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG Wade Hampton III

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Butler's Division
     BG Matthew C. Butler

Young's Brigade

   BG Pierce M. B. Young

Dunovant's Brigade

   BG John Dunovant (k)
   Col B.H. Rutledge

Fitzhugh Lee's Division
     BG Thomas L. Rosser

Wickham's Brigade

   Col Thomas T. Munford

  • 1st Virginia Cavalry
  • 2nd Virginia Cavalry
  • 3rd Virginia Cavalry
  • 4th Virginia Cavalry
Rosser's Brigade

   Col O.R. Funsten Sr.

  • 7th Virginia Cavalry
  • 11th Virginia Cavalry
  • 12th Virginia Cavalry
  • 35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
Payne's Brigade

   BG Lunsford L. Lomax

  • 5th Virginia Cavalry
  • 6th Virginia Cavalry
  • 15th Virginia Cavalry

W.H.F. Lee's Division
     MG W.H.F. Lee

Barringer's Brigade

   BG Rufus Barringer

  • 1st North Carolina Cavalry
  • 2nd North Carolina Cavalry
  • 3rd North Carolina Cavalry
  • 5th North Carolina Cavalry
Chambliss's Brigade

   Col J.L. Davis

  • 9th Virginia Cavalry
  • 10th Virginia Cavalry
  • 13th Virginia Cavalry
Dearing's Brigade

   BG James Dearing

  • 8th Georgia Cavalry
  • 4th North Carolina Cavalry
  • 16th North Carolina Cavalry Battalion

Horse Artillery
     Maj R. Preston Chew

Breathed's Battalion
  • Hart's (South Carolina) Battery
  • McGregor's (Virginia) Battery
  • Graham's (Virginia) Battery

Department of Richmond[edit]

LTG Richard S. Ewell

Brigade Regiments and Others
Johnson's Brigade

   Col J.M. Hughs

  • 17th/23rd Tennessee
  • 15th/44th Tennessee
  • 63rd Tennessee
Gary's Cavalry Brigade

   BG Martin Witherspoon Gary

  • 7th Georgia Cavalry
  • Hampton South Carolina Legion, Infantry Battalion (Mounted)
  • 7th South Carolina Cavalry
  • 24th Virginia Cavalry

Richmond Forces[edit]

MG James L. Kemper

Brigade Regiments and Others
Local Defense Brigade

   MG G.W.C. Lee

  • 1st Virginia Battalion Local Defense Troops
  • 2nd Virginia Local Defense Troops
  • 3rd Virginia Local Defense Troops
  • 4th Virginia Battalion Local Defense Troops
  • 5th Virginia Battalion Local Defense Troops
  • 2nd Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • VMI Cadet Battalion (1 Company)
  • Richmond Ambulance Company
  • Maryland Line (Detachment)
Barton's Command

   BG Seth Barton

  • 18th Georgia Battalion
  • 25th Virginia Battalion
  • 1st Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • 3rd Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • 4th Virginia Battalion Reserves
Independent Richmond Infantry
  • 1st Virginia Militia
  • 19th Virginia Militia
Independent Richmond Cavalry
  • Owen's City Cavalry Regiment
  • 1st Virginia Cavalry Battalion Local Defense Troops

Post of Richmond[edit]

BG William M. Gardner

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Artillery Defenses
     Ltc John C. Pemberton

First Division (Inner Line)

   Ltc J.W. Atkinson

  • 10th Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery
  • 19th Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery
Second Division (Inner Line)

   Ltc J. Howard

  • 18th Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery
  • 20th Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery
Lightfoot's Artillery Battalion

   Ltc C.E. Lightfoot

  • Hudgin's (Virginia) Artillery
  • Rives' (Virginia) Artillery
  • Barham's (Virginia) Artillery

Miscellaneous Artillery

Chaffin's Bluff

   Maj W.S. Basinger

  • Guerrant's (Virginia) Artillery
  • Davis' (Virginia) Artillery
  • Allen's (Virginia) Artillery
  • Jones' (Virginia) Artillery
  • Winder's (Virginia) Artillery
9th Georgia Artillery Battalion

   Maj. A. Leyden

  • Company A
  • Company B
  • Company C
  • Company D
  • Company E
Naval Batteries

   Lt C.W. Hays

  • Battery Semmes
  • Battery Brooke
  • Battery Wood

Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia[edit]

Gen Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Military District
     BG Henry A. Wise

Walker's Brigade

   BG James A. Walker

  • 1st Virginia Reserves
  • 3rd Virginia Reserves
  • 5th Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • Withers' Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • Maurin's Artillery
Post of Petersburg
Fort Clifton
Garnett's Brigade at Hicksford

   Ltc John J. Garnett

  • Confederate States Zouave Battalion
  • Company H, 62nd Georgia Cavalry
  • Bradford's (Mississippi) Artillery (section)
High Bridge
  • 6th Virginia Battalion Reserves
Mattoax Bridge
  • 7th Virginia Battalion Reserves
Staunton River Bridge
  • 8th Virginia Battalion Reserves
Danville Virginia
  • 4th Virginia Reserves
  • 9th Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • 10th Virginia Battalion Reserves
  • 11th Virginia Battalion Reserves
Drewry's Bluff
  • Coleman's (Virginia) Heavy Artillery
  • Drewry's (Virginia) Heavy Artillery
  • Marine Battalion (Companies A,B,C)
Smith's Artillery Battalion
  • Epes' (Virginia) Artillery
  • Kevill's (Virginia) Artillery
  • Battery Danztler