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Petre Mito Andreevski
Born Петре Андреевски
(1934-06-25)June 25, 1934
Sloeštica, Demir Hisar, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (today Macedonia)
Died September 25, 2006(2006-09-25) (aged 72)
Skopje, SR Macedonia
Resting place Sloeštica
Occupation writer, academic
Language Macedonian
Nationality Macedonian
Ethnicity Macedonian
Citizenship Macedonian, Yugoslav
Alma mater University of Skopje
Period Modern Macedonian literature
Notable works Pirej, Nebeska Timjanova
Notable awards 11 October, Brothers Miladinov, Stale Popov, Kočo Racin
The tomb of Petre M. Andreevski in Sloeštica, Demir Hisar.

Petre Mito Andreevski (Macedonian: Петре Мито Андреевски) (June 25, 1934 – September 25, 2006) was a famous Macedonian poet, novelist, short story writer and playwright.[1]

He was born in 1934 in the village of Sloeštica, Demir Hisar. Attended elementary school in his native village, high school in Bitola, studied at the Faculty of Philosophy (now Philology) in Skopje. Worked as an editor with the Macedonian National Television. He was also an editor of the periodical Razgledi. Member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts since May 2000. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association.

Several selections of his literary opus have been published. In 1984 his selected works were published in four volumes. He has been included in all anthologies of Macedonian poetry both at home and abroad. His works, in separate books, have been presented in many languages outside Macedonia.

He died in Skopje in September 2006 and he was buried in his birthplace Sloeštica.[2]

Literary output[edit]

  • Poetry: Knots (1960), Both on Heaven and Earth (1962), Denicija (1968), Dalni nakovalni (1971), Praises and Complaints(1975), Eternal House (1987); Lachrymatory (1999).
  • Short story collections: The Seventh Day (1994), Years of Treason (1974), All Faces of Death (1994).
  • Novels: Pirey (1980), Locusts (1983) Nebeska Timjanovna (1988) and Last Villagers (1987).
  • Plays: Plays (1987) includes Time for Singing and Bogunemili.
  • Books for children: Scribble Riddle, Eat and Grow.


Awards include “11 October”, “Miladinov Brothers” (twice), “Kočo Racin” and “Stale Popov” (twice).


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