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FLK Lancing

Petter Sørlle (February 16, 1884 - May 29, 1933) was a Norwegian whaling captain and inventor.[1]


Petter Martin Mattias Koch Sørlle was born at Tune (now Sarpsborg) in Østfold, Norway. Both his father and grand-father had been sailors. He was engaged in whaling from Vestfold and later participated in Antarctica whaling near the South Georgia Island and South Orkney Islands.[2]

He invented slipways for whaling ships which he patented in 1922. His invention was a device by which the whale could be fully drawn to the ship. The pickup slip was first used in the Antarctic Ocean by the whaling company Globus of Larvik on-board the FLK Lancing during the season 1925-26. [3]

Sørlle was the first manager of the United Whalers whaling shore station at Stromness, South Georgia. He carried out surveys and is commemorated by several place names in Antarctic waters.[4] [5]

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