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Phebe is a feminine given name related to Phoebe. It may refer to:


  • Phebe Folger Coleman (1771-1857), diarist, poet, and watercolorist from Massachusetts
  • Phebe Gibbes (died 1805), English novelist and early feminist
  • Phebe Ann Coffin Hanaford (1829-1921), Christian Universalist minister, biographer and activist for universal suffrage and women's rights
  • Phebe Hemphill (born 1960), American sculptor who works for the United States Mint
  • Phebe or Phoebe Lankester (1825), British botanist and popular science writer
  • Phebe Marr (born 1931), American historian and retired professor
  • Phebe Novakovic, American businesswoman, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of General Dynamics
  • Phebe Starr (fl. 2010-present), Australian singer and songwriter
  • Phebe Sudlow (1831-1922), first female superintendent of a United States public school and first female professor at the University of Iowa
  • Phebe Watson (1876-1964), South Australian teacher and educator

Fictional characters: