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Pheray (1949 film)
Directed by Nazir Ahmed Khan
Produced by Swaran Lata
Starring Swaran Lata
Nazir Ahmed Khan
M. Ismael
Maya Devi
Baba Alam Siaposh
Music by Ghulam Ahmed Chishti
Release date
  • 28 July 1949 (1949-07-28)
Language Punjabi
Box office 0.001 crore (US$95)

Pheray was a Pakistani Punjabi film released on July 28, 1949. The film was directed by Nazir Ahmed Khan.[1] The story of the film was a copy of Nazir's own film Gaon Ki Gori, that was released in 1945 in India before partition. The music of Pheray was given by Ghulam Ahmed Chishti and lyrics were written by G. A. Chishti and Baba Alam Siaposh. The singers were Munawar Sultana and Inayat Hussain Bhatti.

Pheray was a big musical hit and became Pakistan's first ever 'Silver Jubilee' film. It was screened in Lahore for 25 weeks at Palace Cinema and in Karachi for 5 weeks at Taj Mahal cinema.[2]


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