Phil Rainford

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Phil Rainford
Also known as Handbag Phil[1]
Genres Post-punk, new wave
Occupation(s) Singer, record producer
Years active 1978-1982
Labels Factory Records, ROIR Europe
Associated acts The Durutti Column, Suns of Arqa

Phil Rainford is a former singer and music producer, who formed part of the Manchester music scene, in late 1970s and early 1980s. He was the original singer of post-punk band The Durutti Column who were signed to Factory Records, having joined the band in early 1978. He was sacked in July of that year, for not being a considered correct choice.[2] He didn't release any material with the band other than a couple of pieces on a Factory Records sample release.

He later reappeared as producer for two albums for singer Nico: Live Heroes and Femme Fatale.[3] He engineered and mixed another Nico's live album, Do or Die: Diary 1982. He also mixed the Musical Revue album for Suns of Arqa, also known as Live with Prince Far-I, although his surname is curiously misspelled 'Qainford' on the credits.[4][5][6] He did go on to record with the post punk band "Pure Product" . They released two albums "Dreamworld" and "Rejection" between 1978 -1981. He has lived in Edinburgh for the last 23 years and was involved in the club scene there. Occasionally being a DJ but mainly involved backstage. In 2010 he took up acting and attended the renowned PASS "Performing Arts Studio Scotland" and has pursued this profession ever since.