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Philip Wollens Rajzman
Born (1982-06-27) 27 June 1982 (age 37)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Phil Rajzman (born Philip Wollens Rajzman on 27 June 1982 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian professional surfer.

As a disciple of one of the pioneers and biggest names in Brazilian surfing, Rico de Souza, Phil Rajzman began catching waves at six years old and was recognized as one of the greatest promises in Brazilian surfing from an early age.[according to whom?] He has been consistently present on podiums since 1994, when he started competing.

At the age of 15 Phil became a known figure, impressing the world with great performances on giant waves in Hawaii.[according to whom?] He was invited to join the first Brazilian Tow-In Team, (where the surfer is pulled by a jet-ski, searching for the biggest and best waves possible).

In 2002 Phil participated in the movie Surf Adventures, a highlight of which was his amazing sequence of maneuvers at Fernando de Noronha. A continuation of the movie, Surf Adventures 2, is in the final editing phase, and Phil again plays a main role in the movie as being the only surfer to use both a short and longboard.

In May 2007 Rajzman beat Danilo Rodrigo and won the ASP OXBOW World Championship in France.[1]

He is the son of Bernard Rajzman, a former professional volleyball player and Michelle Wollens, a former professional figure skater.

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