Theloderma asperum

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Theloderma asperum
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Rhacophoridae
Genus: Theloderma
Species: T. asperum
Binomial name
Theloderma asperum
(Boulenger, 1886)

Ixalus asper Boulenger, 1886
Rhacophorus asperrimus Ahl, 1927 Philautus albopunctatus Liu and Hu, 1962

Theloderma asperum is a frog in the family Rhacophoridae. It is also known as the pied warty frog, hill garden bug-eyed frog,[2] or somewhat informally, bird poop frog.[3] The frog can be found in the northeastern India, Burma, China (Tibet, possibly more widely), Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam as well as Sumatra in Indonesia.[1] However, because of confusion with Theloderma albopunctatus and Theloderma baibengensis, it is known with certainty from its type locality in Peninsular Malaysia.[2]


It is a small frog, reaching no more than 3 centimeters long. The main color of the frog is red-brown. The sides of the frog are mud-white with red spots. The frog has dark red eyes.[3]


Theloderma asperum is a tree bark mimic that breeds in tree holes.[4]


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