Philipp Forchheimer

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Philipp Forchheimer
Born 7 August 1852
Died 2 October 1933 (1933-10-03) (aged 81)
Dürnstein, Lower Austria
Nationality Austria
Engineering career
Significant advance hydraulics

Philipp Forchheimer (7 August 1852 in Vienna – 2 October 1933 in Dürnstein, Lower Austria) was an Austrian engineer, a pioneer in the field of civil engineering and practical hydraulics. He was professor in Istanbul, Aachen and Graz.

He introduced mathematical methodology to the study of hydraulics, thus establishing a scientific basis for the field.

He was rector of the Graz University of Technology until 1897. In addition to his teaching, he worked as a consultant for construction projects. He made proposals for the construction of a tunnel under the English Channel.


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