Philly Jazz

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Philly Jazz
Status Inactive
Genre Jazz
Country of origin U.S.
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly Jazz was a small jazz record label in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sunny Murray's Apple Cores features Cecil McBee on bass, Frank Foster on soprano saxophone, pianist Don Pullen and guitarist Monnette Sudler. Hamiet Bluiett, Fred Hopkins, Arthur Blythe, and Oliver Lake also each appear on one track each.

Sun Ra released two albums on the label, Lanquidity (1978) and Of Mythic Worlds 1979. Byard Lancaster's Exodus and Khan Jamal's The River are both highly sought after.


Cat. #PJ Album Artist
1 Exodus Byard Lancaster
666 Lanquidity Sun Ra
1002 The River Khan Jamal & Bill Lewis
1004 Apple Cores Sunny Murray
1007 Of Mythic Worlds Sun Ra

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