Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary

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Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)[1]
Map showing the location of Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary
LocationPrimarily Pursat Province, Cambodia
Nearest cityPursat
Coordinates12°16′17″N 102°58′36″E / 12.2713°N 102.9767°E / 12.2713; 102.9767Coordinates: 12°16′17″N 102°58′36″E / 12.2713°N 102.9767°E / 12.2713; 102.9767
Area3,307.56 km2 (1,277.06 sq mi)[1]
Governing bodyMinistry of Environment

Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary is a 3,307.56 km2 (1,277.06 sq mi) large protected area in western Cambodia that was established in 1994. It borders Thailand in the north.[1] It encompasses an Important Bird Area.[2]

The area is mostly mountainous, dominated by three discrete peaks: Cambodia's second highest peak, Phnom Samkos (1,717 m (5,633 ft)), Phnom Khmaoch (1,496 m (4,908 ft)) and Phnom Tumpor (1,250 m (4,100 ft)).

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