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Founded 1984 (1984)
Founder Joan-Carles Doval
Distributor(s) Actual Records Distribució
Genre Various
Country of origin  Spain
Location Castellar del Vallès,
Official website www.picap.cat

PICAP is a Catalan record label headquartered in Castellar del Vallès, Spain. It was founded in 1984.


PICAP supports Catalan authors and performers. While respecting the performer's linguistic expression, it gives preferential support to the Catalan language.

Its debuted as a record label in 1984 with four maxi-singles that appeared simultaneously: the synthpop band Programa, Javier Asensi, pop group Oslo, and hard-rock artist Rockson.

Hector Vila, Maria-Josep Villarroya, Josep Tero, Gato Pérez, and Joan Soler Boronat were among PICAP's first artists. The first commercial success of the new record label was Catalan humorist Eugenio.

In the last years of the 1980s, the band Grec, a PICAP artist, joined in a wave of funk music similar to that of other new bands that were starting their careers in those days (such as Duble Buble and N'Gai N'Gai).

The band Sau, after the success achieved on PICAP with Quina nit, signed for a multinational record label. The band Sangtraït, however, stayed with PICAP and prepared its fourth album Contes i llegendes at a time when Catalan rock had reached its peak. Rock and “Cançó” became PICAP's main genres with notable artists in both genres.

In 1991, Lluís Llach joined the record label because of its prestige and trustworthiness,[citation needed] then established ties with Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, Tomeu Penya, Raimon, Maria del Mar Bonet, and Marina Rossell. In 1993, the record company received National Music Awards in Catalonia for their releases.[citation needed] In the late 1990s, the Valencian band Al Tall published with PICAP.

The record company began reissuing CDs of historic Catalan music recordings, including the catalog of Edigsa. Also included were LPs of artists like Iceberg, Pegasus, Xesco Boix, Grup de Folk, Ara Va de Bo, Jaume Sisa, and Música Dispersa. The recordings came from labels like Als 4 Vents or from the artists themselves, such as Max Sunyer or Santi Arisa.

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