Piddle Brook

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Piddle Brook
Piddle Brook - - 1276780.jpg
Piddle Brook flowing through Naunton Beauchamp
Basin features
River mouth River Avon
52°07′00″N 2°04′06″W / 52.116771°N 2.068359°W / 52.116771; -2.068359Coordinates: 52°07′00″N 2°04′06″W / 52.116771°N 2.068359°W / 52.116771; -2.068359

The Piddle Brook is a watercourse in Worcestershire; It starts in Kington and flows past the villages of Flyford Flavell, North Piddle, Naunton Beauchamp and Wyre Piddle before joining the River Avon near Pershore.

The Wyre Piddle Brewery is based about 1 mile (1.6 km) from the brook from which it takes the names of its beers, such as Piddle in the Hole, Piddle in the Wind, Piddle in the Dark & Piddle in the Snow.[1]

In 2009 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust purchased the meadows in Naunton Beauchamp which Piddle Brook flows through.[2]

The brook is forded on the road to Naunton Beauchamp at Sea Ford.[3]

Origin of the name[edit]

William Henry Dugan, in his book Worcestershire Place Names, states that although the word "Piddle" is not listed in any Anglo-Saxon dictionary, it is found in a few places in Anglo-Saxon charters. Dugan believes that the word "Piddle" is an old English word for a small stream.[4] The former Celtic name for the Piddle may have been Wyre, as there is a town on the brook called Wyre Piddle.[5]


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