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Pierre Guy Maubouché is a French actor, voice over artist, producer and casting director. As a visual actor he contributed to few movies including The Last Horror Movie, but he is better known within the industry for his voiceover skills and contributions. Among the better known projects to which he contributed, we can note the worldwide 'Dolce & Gabbaba Light Blue Pour Homme' TV campaign, the cult Stella Artois English TV commercial "The Hero's Return" in which all the voices (beside the main characters and the females ones) are all his, the also cult Lynx (Axe) French TV commercial, the character Raven in the French version of the game 'Metal Gear Solid', and countless other projects as seen in his own website [1]. Pierre has also done voiceover work with the Blue Man Group as the voice on the How To Be a Megastar Tour.[1] and provided vocals for the Schiller song Soleil De Nuit. Pierre Maubouche is the voice of Discovery Channel (France) and ESPN (France), and appears very regularly as a promo/ident voice on Sky, National Geographic Channel, CNN and MTV.

He has also contributed as a dubbing actor to the following movies:

As a producer and casting director, he specialises in sourcing and casting actors (voiceover artists or visual actors) for the advertising and broadcast industry through Sounds Beautiful [2]