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For a French politician, see Pierre Schapira.

Pierre Schapira (born April 28, 1943) is a French mathematician.

Studying with Jacques-Louis Lions, Schapira received doctorate with a work on Sato's hyperfunction, which was already used in France by André Martineau. This gave him an invitation in 1971 to Kyoto, where he met Masaki Kashiwara. He was a professor at the University of Paris XIII in the 1980s and is a professor at the University of Paris VI since the 1990s.

His field is algebraic analysis, especially Sato's microlocal analysis, together with concepts of the French analyst school (sheaves after Jean Leray and derived category of Alexander Grothendieck). He works closely with Kashiwara, whom he met in Japan already in 1971, who was then in Paris in 1976/77 and with whom he published several books.

In 1990, he was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Kyoto, speaking on sheaf theory for partial differential equations. He is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.


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