Pillow Talk (TV series)

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Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk (TV series) intertitle.jpg
Genre Couples
Written by Rebecca Leow 洪汐
Starring Joanne Peh
Pierre Png
Thomas Ong
Michelle Chia
Zhu Houren
Xiang Yun
Chen Shucheng
Hong Huifang
Jacelyn Tay
Opening theme 伴 by Tiger Huang 黃小琥
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 21
Producer(s) Chong Liung Man 张龙敏
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network MediaCorp Channel 8
Picture format 16:9 Widescreen
Original release 2 April – 30 April 2012
Preceded by Unriddle 2
Followed by Absolutely Charming
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Pillow Talk (simplified Chinese: 再见单人床) is a Singaporean Chinese drama which will be telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 2 April 2012. This drama serial consists of 21 episodes, and will be screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm.It was known as Best Drama Serial in 2013 Star Awards.

This serial is a spin-off to the popular 2007 drama Mars Vs Venus. Award-winning director Chong Liung Man replaces Li Ning Qiang as executive producer (EP) of Pillow Talk since the latter has retired. The scriptwriter for both shows remain unchanged. On the other hand, cast members are largely different. Only Pierre Png remains as Huang Biren and Jesseca Liu have left MediaCorp while Tay Ping Hui was busy filming Rescue 995 and Unriddle 2.


How exactly are men different from women? How exactly does being in love differ from being married?

A couple tied the knot because they yearned to wed. The bride's parents divorced three days after her marriage because they had tolerated each other to breaking point after their long years of marriage.

This drama paints the married life of four wedded couples: a pair of newly-weds enjoying nuptial bliss; a couple married for seven years struggling for survival in the midst of establishing their careers and raising children, and whose marriage is showing cracks yet they are clueless about managing the strained relationship; a middle-aged couple married for decades who try but fail to change each other's ways, and who long to end their marriage to gain freedom but eventually realising that they are inseparable; an old loving couple who bicker to spice up their lives, and having understood the essence of marriage, manage their monotonous married life with wisdom.

Apart from exploring the meaning of marriage, the drama provides tips to preserve a marriage in a light-hearted manner. By educating through entertainment, viewers learn to appreciate that as "Home is not a place to reason, but to love", it is an art to maintain a relationship and that the true meaning of marriage hinges on patience, wisdom and love. How exactly are men different from women? How exactly does being in love differ from being married?


Cast Role Description
Joanne Peh Zhang Qiuxue Tingkai's wife
Beauty salesgirl
Qiuyu's younger sister
Pierre Png He Tingkai Qiuxue's husband
Thomas Ong Zhang Qiuyu Banker
Chuning's husband
Qiuxue's brother
Xiaoyun's father
Michelle Chia Liang Chuning Ex-accountant, now a housewife
Qiuyu's wife
Xiaoyun's mother
Zhu Houren Zhang Qian Ex-actor
Qiuyu and Qiuxue's father
Xiang Yun Mao Yunling Qiuyu and Qiuxue's mother
Chen Shucheng He Guangming Taxi driver
Tingkai's father, most likely foster
Hong Huifang Lu Peifen Tingkai's mother, most likely foster
Jacelyn Tay[1] Alice Lawyer


  • Mars vs Venus's Chinese name is 幸福双人床 (literally Lucky Double Bed), whereas this drama's is 再见单人床, which translates to "Seeing the Single Bed again". 再见单人床 can also be interpreted as saying goodbye to the single bed, implying one is going to get married.
  • This drama marks Jacelyn Tay's return to drama after a 6-year hiatus when she was last seen in Love Conceirge (Dec 2005).
  • This drama had planned to broadcast 20 episodes, but however there would be an additional episode due to overruns in filming.

Overseas broadcast[edit]

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale
 Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing 11 August 2012 at 5.30pm, weekends 15 September 2012

2013 Accolades[edit]

Pillow Talk is nominated in 9 categories. The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series are Don't Stop Believin' , Game Plan , Poetic Justice & Unriddle 2.

Star Awards 2013[edit]

Nominee / Work Award Result
Rebecca Leow Best Screenplay Nominated
Steve Wong Kwok Chung Best Drama Cameraman Nominated
Xu Ying Ying Best Costume and Image Design Nominated
Pierre Png Best Actor Nominated
Thomas Ong Best Actor Nominated
Joanne Peh Best Actress Nominated
Zhu Houren Best Supporting Actor Nominated
Xiang Yun Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Best Drama Serial Won
Top Rated Drama Serial 2012 Nominated

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Joanne Peh is the celeb blogger on the Pillow Talk posts.[2]