Pilot (Russian band)

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Also known as PilOt
Origin Saint Petersburg, Russia
Genres Rock
Punk rock
Industrial metal
Experimental rock(later)
Years active 1997–
Website Official website
Members Ilja "Chjort" Knabengof
Viktor Bastrakov
Stanislav Markov
Nikolaj Lysov
Andrej Kazachenko

Pilot, also known as PilOt (Russian: Пилот, ПилОт) is a popular Russian rock band from Saint Petersburg, Knabengof. Composed of 4 members, the band revitalized themselves after the dissolution of the previous band, Military Jane in 1997.


The roots of the band stretch back to 1994, during which the band was called Military Jane. In this incarnation, the band featured a raw, melodic grunge sound reminiscent of Alice In Chains, Ilja singing in English. The band released three albums, "Home" (1995) "Home Live '95", and "Blackest Paint Colored Brush" (1996) with limited success. The band's single "Wherry?" although popular, was met with controversy amid a ban of the music video from MTV. During the "Rock '96" festival in Saint Petersburg, the band performed a new song "Мама" (Mama) for the first time. The style of the song took on a contrasting pop direction, with Ilja finding an original singing voice. The next year, Military Jane's name was changed to Pilot.


Current line-up[edit]

Former members[edit]



Year Title
1997 Война (War)
1998 Жывой Концерррт (Live Concert)
2001 Сказка о Прыгуне и Скользящем (Tale of the Jumper and the Sliding One)
2002 Наше Небо (Our Sky)
2002 Джоконда (Jaconda)
2003 Времена Года (мини-альбом) (Seasons (mini-album))
2004 Рыба, Крот и Свинья (A Fish, a Mole and a Pig)
2006 Ч/б (B/w)
2008 1+1=1
2009 Содружество (Community)
2011 Осень (Autumn)
2013 13
2015 Изолятор (Infirmary)


Year Title
2002 Времена Года (maxi-single)
2004 Проводник (single)

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