Pinheiros River

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Pinheiros River
Joqueiclube marginal pinheiros.jpg
Pinheiros River near the São Paulo Jockey Club
Native nameRio Pinheiros  (Portuguese)
RegionSão Paulo city, São Paulo state
Physical characteristics
 - locationconfluence of the Guarapiranga River and the Jurubatuba River, São Paulo city
 - location
Rio Tietê, São Paulo city
Length25 km (16 mi)

The Pinheiros River (Portuguese: Rio Pinheiros[1]) is a tributary of the Tietê River that runs 25 kilometres (16 mi) through the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Until 1920, the river was known as Jurubatuba. After being channelized its name was changed to Pinheiros. In southern São Paulo the Pinheiros River is impounded in Billings Reservoir.

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Coordinates: 23°31′36″S 46°45′0″W / 23.52667°S 46.75000°W / -23.52667; -46.75000[2]


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