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The Pink Squirrel is a cocktail made of

Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass and Serve. Invented at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge in Milwaukee, WI.[1]

Pink Squirrels in popular culture[edit]

  • The comic strip The Fusco Brothers makes frequent reference to various characters ordering and drinking pink squirrels at Happy Hour bars.
  • The Pink Squirrel is the favorite drink of Crystal in the sitcom Roseanne.
  • The drink, "Virgin Pink Squirrel," is the favorite drink of Audrey Penney from Ellen.
  • In the The West Wing season 2 episode "Bartlet's Third State of the Union", the character Ainsley Hayes drinks a Pink Squirrel while wearing a bathrobe and dancing in her office. She throws it into the air and shrieks when the President walks into her office for the first time.
  • In the Broadway musical The Wedding Singer (based on the movie of the same name), George orders a Pink Squirrel.
  • In episode 24 from season 2 of The Nanny Fran gets drunk from drinking Pink Squirrels.
  • In the stage play At First Sight by Anne Pie, both the lead character Julia and her sister Verna drink Pink Squirrels at the Ritz Carleton in Palm Springs, California.
  • In King of the Hill, season 8 episode 11, Bill Dauterive is pretending to be a gay hair stylist and orders a Pink Squirrel when out at a night club.
  • In Vagrant Story, a treasure chest containing a mace named Pink Squirrel can be found in the wine cellar.
  • In Cocktail the Pink Squirrel is one of the drinks listed in Brian Flanagan's poem "The Last Barman Poet".
  • In the fourth season of Reba, Reba mentions that a bartender couldn't make a proper Pink Squirrel.
  • In the book Life Expectancy Rowena Tock's (Grandmother to Jimmy Tock) favorite drink is Pink Squirrel

Reference List[edit]

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