Pinnacles National Forest

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Pinnacles National Forest
Rock formations at Pinnacles National Monument 2.jpg
Rock formations in the former Pinnacles National Forest, now a portion of Pinnacles National Park
Map showing the location of Pinnacles National Forest
Map showing the location of Pinnacles National Forest
Location San Benito County & Monterey County, California, USA
Nearest city Paicines, California
Coordinates 36°30′0″N 121°12′00″W / 36.50000°N 121.20000°W / 36.50000; -121.20000Coordinates: 36°30′0″N 121°12′00″W / 36.50000°N 121.20000°W / 36.50000; -121.20000[1]
Area 14,108 acres (57.09 km2)[2]
Created July 18, 1906 (1906-July-18)

Pinnacles National Forest was a United States National Forest in California. It was established as the Pinnacles Forest Reserve under the authority of the U.S. Forest Service by Presidential proclamation on July 18, 1906[1] with 14,108 acres (57.09 km2).[2] It became a national forest on March 4, 1907 when all U.S. national forest reserves were redesignated as national forests by act of U.S. Congress.[3] On July 1, 1908, Pinnacles was added to Monterey National Forest by executive order,[4] and the name was discontinued. The lands currently exist in Los Padres National Forest and in Pinnacles National Park, proclaimed as Pinnacles National Monument by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908.[2]


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