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Pinsent is a surname. It may be:

  • David Pinsent (1891 – May 1918), a friend and collaborator of the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.
  • Ed Pinsent (born 1960), an English cartoonist, artist and writer.
  • Dame Ellen Pinsent DBE (1866–1949), a British mental health worker.
  • Gordon Pinsent, CC, FRSC (born 1930), a Canadian television, theatre and film actor.
  • Hester Pinsent, DBE (1899–1966), a British mental health worker.
  • John Pinsent (1922–1995), an English classical scholar.
  • Leah Pinsent (born 1968), a Canadian television and film actress.
  • Sir Matthew Pinsent, CBE (born 1970), an English rowing champion, Olympic gold medallist, and broadcaster.
  • Robert John Pinsent (1797–1876), magistrate and politician.

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