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Piotr Andrejew (born 27 October 1947, Szczecin) is a Polish film director and screenwriter now living in the Netherlands with his son, Victor Andrejew. He is sometimes credited as Piotr Andreyev or Piotr Andreev.

His films include features Theft (1976, TV), Clinch (1978), Tender Spots (Czułe Miejsca) (1981), Shadow Man (1988) with Tom Hulce, and short films Puppets (1971), Mroz is Coming (1973), The Talk (1974), Fields Master (1975), Follow the Blow (1975), Gropingly (Po Omacku) (1975), Mein Fenster (Okno) (1979), Capriccio di Amsterdam (1983), The End (1984), Sanctus (1991), Laugh Attack (1993). He worked with cinematographer Zbigniew Rybczyński in the 1970s.

He has also directed television theater productions De Beproeving Die Ik Haar Oplegde by Simon Vestdijk (1986, TV) and Protest by Václav Havel (1987,TV) and the concert film Orlando Quartet Plays Grieg (1993, TV).

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