Piotr Fergusson Tepper

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Piotr Tepper's palace at Długa Street in Warsaw

Piotr Fergusson Tepper (1713-1794) was a Polish banker of German burgher origin,[1] merchant and industrial entrepreneur.[1][2]

Piotr Fergusson Tepper of Warsaw was the wealthiest banker in the second half of 18th century Poland.[2] Tepper was the owner of a trading house and of landed estates in Mazovia and Volhynia.[2] The principal lender of King Stanisław August Poniatowski and of the Treasury of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, in 1793 Tepper became bankrupt, along with several other Polish banks.[2] Piotr Fergusson Tepper was fatally wounded during disturbances at the time of the Kościuszko Insurrection, after his trading and banking house at Miodowa Street was plundered.[1] He is buried at Powązki Evangelical Cemetery in Warsaw.[1]


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