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Vilayat Inayat Khan 1996

Vilayat Inayat Khan (19 June 1916  – 17 June 2004) was a teacher of meditation and of the traditions of the East Indian Chishti Order of Sufism. His teaching derived from the tradition of his father, Inayat Khan, founder of The Sufi Order in the West, combined with western culture. One of his sisters was Noor Inayat Khan GC MBE. He taught in the tradition of universal Sufism, which views all religions as rays of light from the same sun. His parents met at the New York City ashram of American yogi, Pierre Bernard, half-brother of his mother Pirani Ameena Begum.[1]

In 1975 he founded the Abode of the Message, which serves as the central residential community of the Sufi Order International, a conference and retreat center, and a center of esoteric study.[2]


Vilayat Inayat Khan died on 17 June 2004, two days before his 88th birthday. His son is Zia Inayat Khan.[3]


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