Pirajá da Silva

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Pirajá da Silva
Pirajá da Silva 1959 Brazil stamp.jpg
Born 28 January 1873
Camamu, Bahia, Brazil
Died 1 March 1961 (aged 88)
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Known for Schistosomiasis disease

Manuel Augusto Pirajá da Silva (28 January 1873 – 1 March 1961) was a Brazilian parasitologist, medical researcher and physician.[1]


He graduated from the Bahia School of Medicine (now part of the Federal University of Bahia) in 1896, and in 1908 was responsible for the identification and complete description of the pathogenic agent and the pathophysiological cycle of schistosomiasis disease.[2]


A species of venomous snake, Bothrops pirajai, is named in his honor.[3]


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